Tawi-tawi may be clouded by the misty tourism image of the province, but it is a promising tourist destination, a rewarding treat for brave souls and your wanderlust.

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Purely breathtaking.

It is where you can find the first mosque ever built in the Philippines, the Sheik Makhdum Mosque and the tomb of Karimul Makdum, the founder of the island and the spreader of Islam in the island.

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The site of the Oldest Mosque in the    Philippines.

It is also wealthy of fine islands and beaches perfect for snorkeling or just free diving such as the Turtle Islands, La Island, Sangay Slapo Island and Marlboro beach.



The province has the Sibutu Natural Wildlife Sanctuary where you will meet exotic birds like Oriole, Canaries, Lovebirds, and Parrots of various colors abound the treetops of Sibutu.

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Oriole birds as seen to be flying everywhere in Sibutu.

Its forest is also proud of the “Dandunay” of the peacock variety and the sleek “Labuyo” or wild rooster.




and one of the pride of Tawi-tawi, the Bongao peak that dominates the overall landscape of Tawi-Tawi. Standing tall at a height of 314 meters above sea level, Bongao peak is considered to be the highest peak in the entire province and the entire province as well. It is perfect for hikers who likes to receive the pleasure of a scenic view to the whole town at the same time.

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