Dinagat Islands “The Mystical Island Province of Love” a secluded province with hidden wonders.

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A little known group of beautiful islands.

The place has multiple of attractions to look forward to such as the Bonsai Forest in Mt. Redondo, one of the few natural bonsai jungles found in the Philippines that is said to be 200 hectares and century old place and only one of its kind in the country.

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Which trail would you go?

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Seek for fun and adventure and start off with the Mt. Redondo Trail.

The PBMA Shrine also known as the Holy Land, a SEC registered, legitimate, humanitarian and a brotherhood organization where most people of Dinagat Islands are members with.

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Philippine Benevolent Missions Association Founder’s Shrine and its beautiful view awaits you. 

They also have the Islander’s Castle that sits on the top of the hills of San Jose. It is a privately owned mansion that is not open to the public but you can take photos outside the gate. It has already been a tourist spot for many visitors including the locals because of its facade and grandeur. The overall physique of the castle gives an overlooks to the entire town of San Jose. It serves as the official residence of the Ecleo family, the most prominent people in Dinagat Islands.

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Anyone who would not want to live in a grand castle and feel like living in fairytale?


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Witness the flying bats in Tubajon Bat Sanctuary.

Dinagat Islands is rich in bodies of water that you is really inviting to indulge yourseld into. Kisses Islets, Lalaking Bukid Rock formations and powdery white beaches like the Talisay Beach.