Tawi-tawi may be clouded by the misty tourism image of the province, but it is a promising tourist destination, a rewarding treat for brave souls and your wanderlust.

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Purely breathtaking.

It is where you can find the first mosque ever built in the Philippines, the Sheik Makhdum Mosque and the tomb of Karimul Makdum, the founder of the island and the spreader of Islam in the island.

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Image result for Sheik Makhdum Mosque

The site of the Oldest Mosque in the    Philippines.

It is also wealthy of fine islands and beaches perfect for snorkeling or just free diving such as the Turtle Islands, La Island, Sangay Slapo Island and Marlboro beach.



The province has the Sibutu Natural Wildlife Sanctuary where you will meet exotic birds like Oriole, Canaries, Lovebirds, and Parrots of various colors abound the treetops of Sibutu.

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Oriole birds as seen to be flying everywhere in Sibutu.

Its forest is also proud of the “Dandunay” of the peacock variety and the sleek “Labuyo” or wild rooster.




and one of the pride of Tawi-tawi, the Bongao peak that dominates the overall landscape of Tawi-Tawi. Standing tall at a height of 314 meters above sea level, Bongao peak is considered to be the highest peak in the entire province and the entire province as well. It is perfect for hikers who likes to receive the pleasure of a scenic view to the whole town at the same time.

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Dinagat Islands “The Mystical Island Province of Love” a secluded province with hidden wonders.

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A little known group of beautiful islands.

The place has multiple of attractions to look forward to such as the Bonsai Forest in Mt. Redondo, one of the few natural bonsai jungles found in the Philippines that is said to be 200 hectares and century old place and only one of its kind in the country.

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Which trail would you go?

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Seek for fun and adventure and start off with the Mt. Redondo Trail.

The PBMA Shrine also known as the Holy Land, a SEC registered, legitimate, humanitarian and a brotherhood organization where most people of Dinagat Islands are members with.

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Philippine Benevolent Missions Association Founder’s Shrine and its beautiful view awaits you. 

They also have the Islander’s Castle that sits on the top of the hills of San Jose. It is a privately owned mansion that is not open to the public but you can take photos outside the gate. It has already been a tourist spot for many visitors including the locals because of its facade and grandeur. The overall physique of the castle gives an overlooks to the entire town of San Jose. It serves as the official residence of the Ecleo family, the most prominent people in Dinagat Islands.

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Anyone who would not want to live in a grand castle and feel like living in fairytale?


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Witness the flying bats in Tubajon Bat Sanctuary.

Dinagat Islands is rich in bodies of water that you is really inviting to indulge yourseld into. Kisses Islets, Lalaking Bukid Rock formations and powdery white beaches like the Talisay Beach.


There are many tempting reasons to visit Surigao Del Sur and Surigao Del Norte, and here are the 7 reasons why:

The Enchanted River where waters are so clear and riverbed is visible at any depth. It is believed to be 80 feet deep that locals thought to be miraculous. Theories also state that there is an underground cave system in the said river where no man has ever explored yet.

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Dive yourself into this crystal clear waters along with the colorful fishes of Hinatuan Enchanted River.

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Why go to Canada if we have our own local version of Niagara Falls that is, Tinuy-an Falls?










Considered as the little Niagara of the Philippines, the Tinuy-an falls is one of the country’s widest waterfall. You don’t really have to travel expensively to Canada when Tinuy-an offers the same exquisite experience – even better –  that is just found in the country.



Britania group of islands is the tropical paradise in San Agustin with 24 stretch of beach, instead of just one. Together with your company, an island hopping is the best to do in the place and observe its scenic and majestic view.

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There is no better way to spend your vacation but to explore the Britania Group of Islands, just a few of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands.

Bucas Grande that is composed of islets and forests to lakes and lagoons is one of a kind destination which is where the majestic Sohoton Cove is found.

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Your ideal getaway to Sohoton Cove.

Surigao is home to sandy and pebble beaches like the Mapua Pebble Beach, a kilometer-long shore composed of tiny stones. The province also has their version of Maldives with a visit to Wakat Sea Breeze Resort in Tandag.

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This Maldive-like feels in Wakat Sea Breeze Resort will make you feel international.

And lastly, the Siargao Island, that is perfect for surf enthusiasts and other adventurous water activities, boasting its signature break, the Cloud 9 or the most known wave destination in the Philippines awaits you.

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Woah the waves will crash and splash your calm spirit right before you know it!

At  night, the place is at best in stargazing as you get to witness the Milky Way time lapse just outside your doors.

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Milky Way time lapse at Siargao. 


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Agusan Del Norte is where you can find the Balangay Shrine Musuem, home of ancient wooden boats and other heritage artifacts.

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Look back to the the time when Balangay served as shelters for our ancestors.

The Diocesan Ecclesiastical Museum and Butuan National Museum can also be found in Agusan that will yield more insights about our Filipino ancestors.




Agusan has also parks like the Delta Discovery Park for your adventurous soul and the famous Bood Promontory Eco Park, where some markers has texts which states that the the place of the first Christian mass was really in Masao, Butuan and not Limasawa.

One of the markers in Bood Promontory Park with historical statements that will leave you in wonder.

On the other hand, enjoy the hot and col springs of Agusan Del Sur surrounded by a forest and their Mt. Diwata Park and Campsite.

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Soak yourself in to Mt. Diwata’s hot and cold spring.

You can also go birdwatching or simply ride a ‘bangka’ and just roam around into the Agusan Marsh and observe the floating communities within the area and its scenic view.

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Peacful Agusan Marsh is waiting for your company.







After your tour to the Agusan Marsh, you can go straight to  Lake Himbang for another sightseeing. If you aim for a tougher experience, you can try their shooting activity in Patin-ay, Prosperidad where there is an available shooting range at the PNP Provincial Headquarters.

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Shooting activity is tougher in Prosperidad PNP Shooting Activity.



Sarangani is perfect for beach lovers who prefer to be in a less crowd but in the same majestic place, as Sarangani is touted be the “Boracay of Mindanao”.

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Enjoy leisure activities with your friends or family alongside this wide beach of Gumasa.

The Gumasa beach is one of the famous beach in Sarangani and to what other tourists might consider as it is like “Boracay ten years ago”. Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourist visit Gumasa beach to experience its beauty and utilize the recreation it offers.

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Just another angle of the majestic Gumasa beach.

They also have the 1.6km Pangi River’s whitewater tubing that suits your allocentric vibe joining with every splash and wild flow of the river.

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Set your pumping heart to this adventure in Pangi River.

Tuka Marine Park is made of four protective coves which bans fishing as one of the best way to preserve the place. Found within the curves of Kiamba, the place is properly managed to avoid excessive exploitation of the place and maintain its pristine condition.


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Clear waters of Tuka Marine Park awaits you.

Found also in Tuka, is Manny Pacquiao’s one of his many mansions and rest houses that also attract tourists for a picture taking just outside the house.





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Breathtaking view of Lemlunay Resort will greet you upon your entrance.

and the Lemlunay Diving Resort which is not only a place for divers but also considered to be one of the world’s most premiere resort destination as you can view the ocean and the Sarangani Bay all in one shot. The resort also features variety of underwater adventures for your whole best of Sarangani offers.


Found in the center of Isulan, Sultan Kudarat’s Provincial Capitol is already worth seeing with its Arabic architecture.

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The islands of Balot and Kalamansig are a worthy attraction.

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Beat the heat and cool down to Kalamansig’s pristine waters.

With its immaculate beaches including Lenek, Santiak, Tayandak and Poral, as well as special coves, plus their Sulfuric Hot Spring and burial Urns.

Image result for sulfuric hot springs in sultan kudarat

Dive yourself into this sulfuric hot springs located in Sultan Kudarat and enjoy its benefits.


Tacurong, still in Sultan Kudarat is the place for bird watchers/ bird enthusiasts where the Baras Bird Sanctuary is located.





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Have your leisure time observing different bird species in Baras Bird Sanctuary.

And other tourist spots like the Pitot and Datablao Caves and the Hot and Cold Spring in Columbio.

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Datablao Caves is definitely a must-see destination and a must-done spelunking experience.



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Experience love at first sight as you meet the breathtaking Lake Holon in T’boli, South Cotabato. 

Cotabato is one of the gateways to access Mt. Apo National Park where you can also visit falls like the Asik-Asik in Alamada falls, Batasan falls and Kawa falls to name a few.

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Known as the biggest mosque in the Philippines, the Grand Mosque in Coatabato architecture will leave you in awe. 

The amazing Grand Mosque in Cotabato, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid, is also open for the public in the place; and then there is Lake Agko with its rare blue boiling water for your fresh water bathe experience.

In South Cotabato, you can enjoy the picturesque mountain resort town of Lake Sebu, that is also famous with their 7 falls adventure, or hike to Mt. Parker and find the majestic Lake Holon.

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Sail around or have a taste to Lake Sebu and its tilapia delicacies. 

You can stay for a night at the lake and be mesmerized to the lakeside view and wonders of the place.